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Photos above courtesy
of Sue Sparkman Loveless

I grew up in the Puget Sound area of Washington state and during my youth, I spent a lot of time exploring the "great outdoors". Well, that hasn't changed much over the years. I still enjoy discovering the beautiful surroundings that we have here in the Northwest. In addition, I have always been connected to some form of creativity, whether it be through drawing, painting or even writing and creating music. My photographic interests started as early as High School, but never developed (pun intended) full force until I got my first digital camera in about 1998. It wasn't long and I was totally hooked and was soon seeking the creative control of an SLR camera which also meant learning how to use it!

My first digital SLR camera was a Canon EOS 10D and I have since upgraded to an EOS 5D to gain
better resolution and less "noise" in my images. What I consider to be my "niche", is using long
exposures and improving my images through advanced editing techniques to achieve the effects
I'm looking for. I enjoy working with textures, layering them over photos to gain an aged or more
of an artistic look. Photography is only part of my "art" as the process continues after the image
has been uploaded and then I continue to "paint" on my digital canvas to come up with something
special and unique. Every part of the process is very enjoyable for me, from standing out in the surf
with my camera (hoping I don't get completely swamped), to doing the final editing.

My love of the Oregon coast led me to relocate to Cannon Beach, Oregon for a number of years
to focus much of my photographic attention on seascapes. I have recently moved back to
Washington State however, so I hope to visit the ocean often as well as the mountains,
flower gardens and wildlife areas.

I hope you will enjoy viewing the photos here and that maybe they will stir that emotion
in you to get out and experience nature's paths too!

Best Regards,

These photos courtesy of Charles Hillestad ~ Thank you Chuck!

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